​I have a mass compilation of education that I have acquired from independent research, interviewing & helping individuals of all backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, generations across United States. For over 15 years I've provided relationship advice & many have came with me for all relationship situations. I constructed a course to help you succeed in relationships. Whether adult marriage, parent/child, parent/teen. I organized powerful life transforming insights, keys, information that will allow to you to have healthy relationships, establish communication, edify bridges & mutual comprehension on every type of relationship. You will learn what causes conflicts, harms & sabotages relationships & how to eliminate the discord. Learn to create a home filled with peace, harmony, warmth, sincere love & appreciation for one another. I structured my course in a simple to read format with over 50 secrets how to heal from your pre-existing relationships, proceed forward, increase your self esteem, have trust, security, unity, honesty, develop unbreakable bonds, faithfulness, & long lasting happy marriage. Course includes private information not disclosed or ever discussed  by marriage counselors, relationship therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists nor a relationship professional in United States.